Value is created together, even if it is guided
by a single custodian.

Which is why the Group excels at creating value, yet sets it in the context of larger societal responsibility, not just business responsibility.

The Group practices altruism not as a byproduct of business action, but as an objective of business: as a result, it is an icon of a new way of doing business.

Every member of the Group operates with processes that never compromise the larger interests of society.

Since its inception in 1905, the story of the Mafatlal Group has been about traditional values and modern technology and how together,  they have triumphed over circumstances. It’s a saga that began when a teenage Mafatlal Gagalbhai joined his father’s weaving business, then took over three mills in Ahmedabad and Surat, and finally acquired the parsi family-owned China Mill. From then on, there was no looking back.

It was in the 1970s and 80s,  under the leadership of Mr Arvind Mafatlal and the support of his sons Mr Padmanabh Mafatlal and Mr Hrishikesh Mafatlal, that the existing business was consolidated.  The Group then diversified into information technology, chemicals and the engineering industry.  The late 1980s saw the Group further diversifying into gas distribution and later, the healthcare business.  The year 1990 saw the demise of Mr Padmanabh Mafatlal. From 1995, with his son, Vishad Mafatlal joining the business, the strategy has been to focus on the core competencies of textiles and chemicals, and divest from other businesses.  Now, under the leadership of Mr Vishad Mafatlal – with over 22 years’ experience in textiles and chemicals – the Padmanabh Mafatlal Group is working towards further expansion in fluoro chemicals,  to enhance value for all its employees and stakeholders.